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What Are Your Dental Implant Sedation Options?

What are your dental Implant Sedation Options?

Dental implants have become the most popular tooth replacement option worldwide. Whether you have a single, multiple or all teeth missing in a jaw, dental implants are by far the most aesthetically pleasing and durable option. If you are considering getting your missing teeth replaced with implants but you’re concerned whether the procedure will be painful or what options are available to make your implant procedure comfortable and painless, this article is for you. Continue reading to find out various sedation options available for implant dentistry. 

What Type Of Sedation Is Used For Dental Implants?

Dental implant insertion is a simple procedure that is routinely performed by dentists worldwide. In most cases, implant dentistry is performed under local anaesthesia. However, dentists may choose to perform it under conscious sedation or even general anaesthesia for certain conditions, usually for those that have some of the following:

  • Highly apprehensive
  • Uncooperative
  • Frightened or anxious
  • Physically or mentally challenged 

According to the British Dental Association, conscious sedation refers to various techniques in which dentists help patients calm down during dental procedures by using sedative medications. During conscious sedation, the patient remains in a  drowsy and relaxed state. However, they remain conscious enough to respond to their dentist’s instructions. Dentists may use different levels of sedation depending on the expected treatment duration and the patient’s anxiety level. 

Laughing Gas For Dental Implants

Laughing gas sedation, also known as inhalation or minimal sedation, is a procedure in which patients are asked to inhale through a mask that contains a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen. Nitrous oxide not only has potent pain-relieving properties but also puts patients in a mild state of sedation. The effect of this type of sedation is short-lived. It is initiated as soon as the gas is inhaled, and tapers off rapidly once the supply is discontinued. Laughing gas sedation is typically reserved for mildly anxious or apprehensive patients. 

Is It Always Necessary To Have Dental Implants Under Sedation?

Primarily, dental implant surgery is performed at the dental chairside under local anaesthesia. However, certain conditions may necessitate the use of sedation. For example, if a patient has dental phobia or anxiety, or when the dentist plans to perform multiple procedures in a single sitting, they may consider sedation dentistry. Sedation may also be required for implant insertion in physically or mentally challenged patients who cannot control their movements or sit still on the dental chair for a long time. 

What Is Conscious Sedation?

According to the American Association of Moderate Sedation Nurses, conscious sedation refers to the use of medications that allow patients to relax by putting them in a sleepy state, where they are only conscious enough to respond to the dentist’s verbal communication and instructions. Conscious sedation is suitable for individuals having dental fear, those who have had a previous bad dental experience, and physically or mentally challenged dental patients. 

Dental Implants Without IV Sedation, What Are My Options?

Not every patient needs IV sedation for implant placement. In fact, IV sedation is the deepest form of dental sedation, which puts one under a deep sleep. According to the Royal College of Anaesthetists, deep sedation puts one under sleep, which results in the slowing of your breathing. Therefore, deep sedation requires the presence of an anaesthetist – or a dental professional who has undergone advanced training in dental anaesthesia – who will constantly monitor your vital signs during the procedure. If you do not prefer getting your implants under sedation, then you have other options available as well, such as moderate and inhalation sedation, or implant placement without sedation, under local anaesthesia. 

How To Ask A Dentist Put You To Sleep?

If you have dental anxiety, or if you prefer to remain asleep during your implant procedure, you may consult your dentist regarding the possibility of sedation dentistry. However, not every patient is suitable for sedation dentistry. Your dentist will perform a thorough clinical examination and consult with your physician to assess whether you are fit for dental sedation. 

Do Dental Implants Hurt?

Dental implants insertion is a surgical procedure in which your dentist will incise the soft tissues to drill a hole in the underlying bone, followed by carefully screwing the implant into its pre-determined position. However, to make you completely pain-free and relaxed, your dentist will administer local anaesthesia, which will last throughout your treatment. Dentists may use different forms of conscious sedation or even general anaesthesia to perform implant surgery or other procedures such as bone grafting or a sinus lift procedure for more frightened or apprehensive patients. So, the short answer is: no, a dental implant procedure does not hurt. 

Is Sleep Dentistry Right For Me?

Sleep dentistry is beneficial for individuals with dental phobias or those who have previously had a bad dental experience. If you wish to get your implant treatment done under sedation and you’re wondering whether you are a suitable candidate, you should consult your dentist. While mild or moderate sedation may be safe for everyone. Deep sedation or general anaesthesia is not suitable for individuals suffering from heart or breathing problems. Moreover, you should also consider the fact that dental treatment under sedation will be more expensive. Also, it is not advisable for patients who have undergone moderate or deep sedation to drive back home or immediately resume work activities. 

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