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A bridge is an option to replace missing teeth. Unlike a denture, a bridge is a fixed option, which does not need to be removed from your mouth. A bridge can take many forms but come under 2 categories: a conventional bridge or a resin-bonded bridge.

Conventional Bridge: a false tooth is attached to a crown, which is then cemented onto the adjacent tooth/teeth.

Resin-Bonded Bridge: The false tooth is held in place by a small metal wing which is cemented to the adjacent tooth.

How it works:

  • Your dentist will gently shape and file your tooth/teeth down to size. The amount of tooth removed depends on the material your bridge will be made of.
  • An impression is taken of your teeth, and the desired colour of the bridge, and is sent to our lab.
  • If you are having a conventional bridge, you may leave your appointment with a temporary crown to protect the tooth as the bridge is made at the lab.
  • Your new bridge is cemented on and fixed in place. Your bite is checked against the new bridge and your dentist will advise on how to look after your new bridge!

Advantages of a bridge:

  • Improve your smile by replacing missing gaps
  • Restore confidence and chewing ability by replacing missing teeth
  • Bridges are a fixed option- they are not removable like a denture (although we still recommend steering clear of sticky toffees!)

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