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Root Canal Treatment

Relieve Toothache and Preserve your Tooth for Longer

Root Canal Treatment in Cleobury Mortimer

A root canal treatment may be required if you have suffered severe toothache or a dental abscess. Each tooth consists of a channel of nerves and blood vessels, known as the pulp. The pulp may be damaged by problems such as tooth decay, a cracked tooth or a traumatic injury to the tooth. Once the pulp becomes infected, this can cause severe toothache or even an abscess. Thankfully, root canal treatment can help to relieve pain and avoid an extraction.

Here at Cleobury Dental Practice, we use the latest equipment and techniques to provide root canal treatment in a calm, comfortable procedure. Your dentist will explain the process, costs, risks and benefits of root canal treatment before beginning.

How it works:

Your dentist will use local anaesthetic to ensure the tooth is numb before starting treatment.

Your tooth is kept dry by use of a rubber dam, a thin rubber sheet which is placed over the tooth.

Your dentist will access and gently remove the infected pulp found in narrow channels in the tooth’s roots, known as the root canals. The empty root canals are then filled and a filling is placed in the cavity at the top of the tooth.

After root canal treatment is complete, your dentist may recommend a crown or onlay to put over the tooth and help protect it in the long term.

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