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Dental sedation

Calm and relaxed dentistry in Kidderminster and Shropshire

Dental sedation

Dental sedation offers you calm and relaxed visits to the dentist. Sedation can help with dental anxiety and fears of the dentist and can be used with a range of dental treatments. The time to begin to relax is now.

Here is why so many people choose Cleobury Dental Practice

  • Experienced professional team with many years of experience 
  • A purpose-built building which is calm and relaxing
  • State of the art facilities for relaxed dental care
  • Numbing gels always used before any injection
  • Weekend appointments available
  • 0% finance payment options (T’s and C’s apply) to spread the cost of your treatment
  • Digital scans with minimal use of impression goo!

What is dental sedation?

Dental sedation is a painless injection given in the crook of your elbow. You won’t be fully asleep  but you will be far less aware of your surroundings, this is important as it allows you to still follow instructions from the dentist, but you’ll have little awareness of what’s going on and have no recollection of treatment afterwards.

You may have fear of the dentist or dental anxiety, dental sedation allows you to have access to the quality dental care you need, particularly with more complex treatments like dental implants.

Relax during dental treatment

What is the dental sedation process?

  1. Enjoy a FREE initial consultation with our sedation dentist to discuss any concerns with your smile and find out how we can help.
  2. A full treatment plan will be provided for which ever dental solution/treatment you are looking for. This will include dental sedation and all associated costs.
  3. The appointment for your treatment will be booked.
  4. Preparing for your dental sedation appointment:
    1. Find a friend to accompany you and take you home afterwards.
    2. Wear relaxing and comfortable clothes to your appointment.
    3. Avoid eating for 6 hours before your appointment time.
  5.  During the dental sedation process:
    1. We will place a small injection into your arm or hand, will give you some numbing gel beforehand to make this comfortable.
    2. We’ll monitor your pulse, breathing and blood pressure throughout.
    3. You will feel relaxed and calm throughout treatment and be unaware of any of the usual sights, sounds and smells associated with the dentist.
  6. After the dental sedation:
    1. Because you might feel drowsy for several hours we recommend you have someone collect you and take you home after.
    2. Make sure your diary is clear for at least 24 hours after treatment to give you ample recovery time.
  7. We will give you a list of any medications you should stop taking prior to sedation.
  8. Follow up appointments for your treatment will then be made.

Benefits of dental sedation

Dental sedation give you access to a wider range of treatments, including longer treatments.

  • Longer treatments and procedures become more accessible, meaning more can be done in single appointment visits.
  • Sedation can help you relax at the dentist and stay completely calm.
  • You will be conscious throughout treatment, this is known as conscious sedation
  • You’ll have no memory of your treatment.
  • Dental sedation brings complex treatments such as dental implants  into the realms of possibility for people that have otherwise been too anxious to visit the dentist.
Relax at the dentist

IV Dental sedation FAQs

We get asked lots of questions about relaxing at the dentist with dental sedation, so to make things easy, we thought we would summarise some of the primary questions and answers people have.

We recommend you avoid eating for six hours prior to having dental IV sedation

Very safe. We will continuously monitor your blood pressure, pulse and other vital signs throughout treatment. You won’t be completely asleep but will be less aware of any of the regular sights, sounds and smells associated with going to the dentist.

The initial injection will be given into your arm or back of the hand which we will numb with a cream beforehand. During the dental sedation you will be  relaxed and able to drift into your own Twilight world. You’ll be awake and able to respond to commands, however you’ll be unaware of what’s going on around you and have no recollection of the treatment afterwards.

There are 3 primary drugs used in IV sedation  for dentistry, the exact one used for you will depend on the sedation dentist and your medical history, the drugs are:

  1. Dexmedetomidine
  2. Propofol
  3. Ketamine

No. You are advised to bring someone with you to help you home after your sedation and dental treatment. You should also avoid operating machinery and equipment for 24 hours and also avoid making life changing decisions in this time.

The sedation will last as long as required for the treatment. This could be as little as 30 min or up to a few hours for more complex treatments. Once the treatment is completed you will be fully awake but you should be accompanied to the next 24 hours and avoid making life changing decisions or operating equipment and machinery.

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