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Durable, High-Quality Crowns by Cleobury Dental Practice

Dental Crowns in
Cleobury Mortimer

If you suffer from a broken, cracked or severely discoloured tooth, your dentist may recommend a crown. A crown consists of a thin custom-made restoration, which fits completely over your tooth.

How it works:

  • Your dentist will gently shape and file your tooth down to size. The amount of tooth removed depends on the material your crown will be made of.
  • An impression is taken of your teeth, and the desired colour of the crown, and is sent to our lab.
  • You leave your appointment with a temporary crown to protect the tooth as the crown is made at the lab.
  • Your permanent crown is cemented on and fixed in place. Your bite is checked against the new crown and your dentist will advise on how to look after your new crown!

Advantages of a crown:

  • Strong, long-lasting results
  • Wide ranges of materials are available for your crown: from durable and cost-effective metal options to natural-looking ceramics and zirconia materials.
  • Can help strengthen and restore broken down teeth.

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